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Meet Henry, a stroke survivor able to maintain his quality of life with the help of SelectCare.

Henry has been a client of SelectCare for almost four and half years. He is a stroke survivor and wanted to continue his recovery at home. He needs assistance with his daily activities but still wants to be independent and help himself. Henry says that “without SelectCare I do not know what I’d do; I couldn’t recover at home.”

Ingrid Fenton is one of Henry’s home health aides and has been with him since he became a client of SelectCare. She assists him with his personal care, medication reminders, shopping and housekeeping. Henry feels that even though he and Ingrid maintain a professional relationship, they have become good friends.

He’s happy whenever I’m coming here.

Ingrid feels that when a caregiver goes to a client’s home for the first time the caregiver needs to build confidence with the client.  She recognizes clients may be uncomfortable having a stranger in their home or having someone helping them with personal care and it is the caregiver’s job to assure the client they are here to help, not take over.  Ingrid says “I am here to assist you, whatever you want me to do, I’ll do.” Ingrid has seen Henry make excellent progress since she began working with Henry due to his hard work and her assistance.  She also observed that Henry continues to do as much as he can and when he can’t he makes suggestions for his home health aides.

Bijal Patel is Henry’s RN Field Nurse Supervisor. Bijal is responsible for managing Henry’s medications and safety. For Bijal it is important to remember that she is in her client’s home and support their goal to be independent as much as possible.  Henry feels confident in the nurses he has because they take his concerns seriously and work with his doctors to ensure he remains as healthy as possible. Bijal enjoys building the relationships she has with each of her clients seeing them grow and get better. Bijal says “we give that quality of care that’s on a personal level.”

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My 97 YO Aunt passed away recently. I shared responsibility for her health care with my cousin-she was childless. For the last three years she had live-in help provided by SelectCare Aides …. she was also on hospice- your staff and nurses were very helpful in coordinating services with hospice and in explaining things to her. Thanks to you for making things much easier for my Aunt and us.

– Joel B H


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