Our Caregiver Selection Process


As a small, independent home health care agency in New York City, SelectCare Home Care Services can be extremely selective in who we choose to represent our agency. Our interview process exceeds Department of Health standards and ensures we ask only the most dedicated, reliable caregivers to join our team.

In Home Caregiver Selection Process

“The Right Person Makes All The Difference.”

-SelectCare founding motto, May 1, 1985


There are more than 60,000 home health caregivers working in New York City, and finding someone with the right combination of skill, personality and experience to make a difference in the life of you or a loved one means more than just filling an open schedule.  SelectCare Home Health Care Service’s staff has spent more than three decades learning what makes a truly great home caregiver and our hiring, interview and staffing processes are a direct result of this experience.

Those years of experience have also taught us a key component of home caregiving that is too-often forgotten: respect.  Home care giving can be truly challenging work, but we believe that finding an honest employer shouldn’t be.  By being transparent with our caregiver staff, we build a foundation of trust that ensures you or your loved one can rely on our services.

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We believe experience is the best teacher.  To that end, we seek longtime home health caregivers who have proven track records with previous clients.

A referral system is utilized that encourages current staff members to seek out reliable caregivers from amongst their family, friends and neighbors.  It truly does take a good caregiver to know one, and we welcome these additions to the SelectCare NYC community with open arms.


Just as each of our clients have unique needs and personalities, so to do our caregivers.  Rather than using impersonal open houses or large group interviews, our interviews are always one-on-one.  Because of this personalized attention, you can rest assured that every caregiver we employ represents the values of our agency.


Another key to good homecare is consistency – both for the client and caregiver.  Good home care is not a revolving door of strangers, but a friendly face who learns your rhythms and habits.   A good home care agency, by the same token, does not upend their caregivers’ lives by suddenly cutting hours or changing schedules.   We believe consistent, reliable staffing choices are the bedrock of a great home care experience.

Here’s more information regarding In-Home Caregiver Skills and Traits on the following blog post:

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I have been using Select Care to care for my husband for the last three years. All the aides have been outstanding - kind, caring, compassionate, empathetic and professional. All the employees in the office are extremely helpful. I have recommended SelectCare to a number of my friends who are in need of home health aides and will continue to do so. Thank you for helping meet such a difficult time in the life of my family.

– Joan B.

New York, NY

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