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Successful home health care depends on trust, and SelectCare Home Care Services has provided New York City families with trustworthy, compassionate assistance since its founding in 1985.

SelectCare specializes in building small teams of caregivers and nurse supervisors tailored to the specific needs of every client.  This careful selection and planning process means that a SelectCare home health care plan empowers clients to continue living in comfortable, familiar settings with the peace of mind that a helping hand is always there when needed.Testimonial

Empowering older adults to live their best lives in their long-time homes is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and SelectCare has earned the trust of New York families by respecting the needs and wishes of every client and putting those goals at the forefront of every decision.

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SelectCare has been helping to take care of my husband for an entire year, sometimes for 24 hours a day. He has been in constant danger of falling and has needed kind and careful help. This has been consistently provided by SelectCare. Not once did the agency fail to cover all these hours, even when someone occasionally had to cancel at the last minute. Always was a SelectCare aide there, ready to help at the appointed time. It was always easy to communicate with the office. The nursing help and advice was very useful and the nurse assigned to our case was the same one throughout the year. She visited every so often and was very knowledgeable and kind. I keep using the word "kind" because I think in this situation one needs not only competence but also kindness. This is consistently provided by SelectCare, both by management and by on-the-job aides. I recommend this agency very highly.

– Dorothy James

Bronx, New York

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