Emergency Preparedness


SelectCare Home Care Services in New York City strives to provide consistent, reliable care even in the face of citywide emergency events.  This is accomplished through our time-tested communication and client/caregiver preparedness plans, as well as the support of private and public partners in the home care and emergency management communities.

Emergency Preparedness at SelectCare

Life in New York City can be unpredictable thanks to sudden severe weather, subway service disruptions and other emergency events, but families choose SelectCare Home Care Services because our staff is dedicated to providing reliable, consistent home care service every day, even in the face of the unexpected.

That’s why emergency planning and preparedness is integrated into every aspect of the agency’s operations.

Communication and Early Warning

Early warning is a key element of emergency preparedness, and we use a variety of early warning services like New York City’s Advanced Warning System and Notify NYC to track potential hazards before they occur.

When an emergency event is likely to occur, our staff notifies all clients and caregivers electronically and by telephone to ensure no one is caught unprepared.  During the run up to an emergency, Service Coordinators can provide clients with information about the upcoming event, additional coverage or alternate schedules to ensure they receive the care they need.

Finally, the staff can perform all office and administrative functions from satellite locations, meaning clients are provided with continued oversight and guidance, even if an event prevents the staff from reaching the office.

Hurricane SandyClient Emergency Preparedness

Stocking additional food, water, personal hygiene and medical supplies continues to be one of the best way to help clients weather a storm safely and comfortably.  Our staff helps clients prepare these materials and all clients are given emergency plans unique to their location, mobility and medical needs.  These emergency supplies are reviewed during the client’s free RN Field Nurse Supervisor visit and emergency plans are revised regularly to reflect a client’s current needs.


SelectCare Home Care Services is an active member in New York City’s emergency management and planning communities.  The agency works closely with New York City Emergency Management throughout the year to plan and prepare for potential emergencies, as well as emergency networks like the NYCOEM Advance Warning System, which allows the sharing of resources and information with other home care providers and ensure everyone gets the care and support they need.

Caregiver Preparedness

Our agency integrates emergency preparedness training into our caregiver orientation process and annual in-service training sessions, both to better safeguard our clients and ensure our caregivers’ loved ones remain safe during emergencies.

Free Emergency Plan

Give SelectCare a call and we’ll send you a Free Emergency Plan!

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I needed an aide to fill in for my mother ASAP. All of you **always** come through for my mother, even when I ask the next-to-impossible. The simple truth is that, if it weren't for all of you--especially Sandy--I wouldn't have a life or a career or a good night's sleep.

– Erika R.

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