Long Term Care Insurance Reimbursement

Long Term Care Insurance Reimbursement


We empower clients by helping them better understand their insurance benefits and can even bill insurance providers directly, saving our client’s time, energy and money. This service is offered free of charge for all SelectCare clients.

 Using Private Long Term Insurance to Pay for Home Care

Many families make home health care services affordable through a variety of private long-term care insurance plans.  However, most home care agencies require families to pay for services up-front and await reimbursement from insurance provider.  This system creates a number of challenges:

  • Paying out-of-pocket for services and awaiting reimbursement can stretch family finances.
  • Submitting documentation to request reimbursement is time consuming and tedious.
  • Families are often uncertain when they will be reimbursed by their insurance provider.

SelectCare Home Care Services Insurance Reimbursement Assistance puts clients first by billing private long term care insurance providers directly.  No more writing weekly checks and waiting for reimbursements from the insurance company.  This service is offered free-of-charge for all current and prospective clients.

Less Paperwork, Less Waiting, More Caring

How it works:

When you begin services, an in-house insurance experts join you on a call to your insurance provider.  During this call, information is gathered about your insurance policy and clarify any questions you might have about your coverage.  By fully understanding the terms of your policy, you have the ability to make well-informed, responsible decisions about your own care.

With your permission, all invoices and reimbursement documents to your insurance provider directly and at no cost to you, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your health, happiness and safety.

Why we help:

With over 37 years of home health care experience, SelectCare Home Care Services NYC understands that working with insurance providers can be one of the most challenging aspects of beginning home care services.  By offering insurance reimbursement assistance, families are able to focus on the things that really matter in their lives.

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We are so pleased with the care my parents have received from SelectCare Home Health Care. I live in the opposite part of the state and have no other family in NYC to look in on them. My father refuses to leave his own home, so home care was the only way to go. They were recommended by my NYC church, who I knew had done a complete vetting of the service. My mother is, shall we say, difficult. She gave a lot of pushback to the process, but they were patient and kind, and completely understood her feelings. They are thorough and caring and I have total confidence that my parents' needs are being met.

– Anita Estling


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