What Is Home Health Care?


Home health care helps people continue to live their lives normal in spite of medical or other challenges. Anyone age 21 or older who is having trouble caring for themselves can benefit from home care services.

What Is Home Health Care?

At its core, Home Health Care is about preserving independence and safety by giving people personalized, one-on-one care in the comfort of their own home.   A well-organized home care plan allows individuals to maintain their independence and lifestyle while receiving the personalized care they need and grows to meet new challenges.

SelectCare Home Care Services in New York City tailors services to every client and builds a unique plan of care that supplements the efforts of your existing medical team and adapts to your changing needs.  Because home caregivers work closely with their clients day in and day out, they provide invaluable insight into your overall health and well being ensuring your medical team can provide the best possible care every step of the way.

There are several types of medical professionals who provide home health care services depending on the client’s needs, including Home Health Aides (HHA), Live In Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses.  These services range from assistance with simple household tasks, bathing and medication administration a few hours a week to around-the-clock-care and complex nursing procedures.

Families may begin considering in-home care assistance when a person can no longer perform everyday tasks on their own, whether due to an injury, a decline in health and energy or the loss of a spouse.  A successful home care plan gives you or your loved one the freedom and dignity of living in familiar surroundings, rather than moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home.

To learn more about how to make the most of home health care services, we encourage you to download our “Free Home Care Guide” or call us to speak with a SelectCare Home Health Care Expert.

Is Home Health Care Right For Me?

The best way to decide if home health care can improve your quality of life and well being is to speak with one of SelectCare’s Home Health Care Experts to discuss solutions to the challenges you currently face.

For those who have never considered home health care before, we encourage you to ask yourself and your family the following questions:

  • Are medical, social or mobility issues changing the way you or a loved one live?
  • Are you or a loved one isolated and in need of companionship?
  • Are you worried about you or a loved one living alone in New York City?
  • Missing work in order to care for a family member or friend?
  • Are you or your loved one having trouble caring for yourself or your home due to an injury, physical disabilities, poor health or other challenges?
  • Are you or a loved one unsteady and afraid of falling while bathing or walking?
  • About to leave the hospital and need help with continuing treatments or personal care while recovering?
  • Experienced a work-related injury and need assistance with daily activities at home?
  • Are you a family caregiver and need time off from your caregiver responsibilities?
  • Has your doctor suggested you seek additional help?

Keep in mind that home care is not just for the elderly.  SelectCare Home Care Services provides assistance in the New York City area to adults over the age of 21 for short term supplemental care and long term needs.

Want to learn more about your home health care options or how to prepare for in-home health care services?  Request our Free Home Care Starter Guideor call 212-505-3640 anytime and a SelectCare team member will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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My 89-year old mom landed in the hospital with an ankle fracture. She ended up in rehab after that, but had to return to the hospital due to complications. Upon return, she was diagnosed with Covid-19. As she was not presenting with any symptoms, the hospital deemed her well enough to return home, especially since they needed the bed for other Covid patients. As we needed 24-hour care, we reached out to many home health care providers, most who did not respond. SelectCare literally came to our aid, providing exactly the care and support we needed. I can't say enough about this group of aides and nurses. They are personal, caring, wonderful human beings. They were in constant communication with us about everything that was needed for my mom. They were proactive ensuring she was well taken care of. This was hugely important for us given we live in Massachusetts and with the Covid condition, could not be with my mom. Even in her passing, they stayed connected with us, helping to take care of final needs. If you are looking for elder care, look no further. These people are amazing!

– Donna Shaw


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