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Now more than ever, New Yorkers are using formal in-home health care services in order to remain independent in the comfort of their own homes.  It is important for families and caregivers to collaborate on a clear plan of preparing for in-home healthcare before services begin so that the experience is positive, supportive and nurturing.

The best way to assist your family in learning how to successfully prepare for home health care services is by contacting SelectCare to discuss your specific needs and to arrange a free RN in home health care and safety assessment visit.

To ensure your family’s home health care experience starts off on the right track, our experienced staff has compiled some basic information and advice you can use when considering if in-home care is right for you.

Why In-Home Care?

In-home care allows older adults to continue living as independently as possible and remain in a familiar setting, while still benefiting from the safety and oversight offered by professional, trained caregivers.

A reliable, compassionate home caregiver with the support of an organized and experienced agency can help older adults accomplish tasks around the home, daily living activities and manage medical conditions while the client focuses on what matters most in their life.

Talking About In-Home Care

Home care is a great option for people who value their independence, but bringing someone into your loved one’s home can take some time to get used to.  Here are some tips to consider when discussing home care with your family:

Learn Your Loved One’s Needs – Ask about daily challenges they face – do they struggle to make medical appointments or follow their physician’s directions?  Are household errands, chores or meal preparation becoming difficult to perform?  Knowing what your loved one needs is a key to starting home care right.

Focus on the Benefits – Home caregivers help their clients overcome daily challenges so the client can focus on the things that matter most in their life.

Discuss your options with a doctor or geriatric care manager.  Speaking to a trusted medical expert or geriatric care manage is a great way to give a possible home care recipient an honest and informed look at their various care options.  Since home health care agencies work closely with a client’s medical team, opening these lines of communication early is highly suggested.  Many geriatrician practices are able to provide a list of home care agencies that have successfully worked with their patients.

Come to Decisions Together – The most comprehensive plan is only as successful as the client allows it to be.  Our abilities change as we grow older, but we want our voices to be heard at any age.  Home health care is most beneficial when a client is open to the experience, and the best way to achieve this is to make any decision about home care as a family.

Practical Considerations For Preparing for Home Care

Home care services can change to meet every client’s unique needs, but by considering the following points and doing a little preparation, you can make the experience a success from day one.

Build a “wishlist” – Consider the daily barriers preventing your loved one from living their ideal life, the things they value most and the things you worry about when you think about them living alone.  Be sure to discuss these goals, tasks and concerns with any agency you are considering and learn how they plan to meet these needs.

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