Successfully Preparing For Home Care

shutterstock_39882433How to Prepare for In-Home Healthcare Services

Preparing for home care ensures that you and your loved ones receive the most from our services. Our home care experts have put together a few important tips you should consider before and during your home care experience.

 We understand that bringing a caregiver into your home can appear to be a major undertaking, so do not hesitate to contact SelectCare Home Care Services if you have any questions or concerns.  For additional information, you can also download our Free Home Care Guide.”

Our home care experts are available around the clock to provide you with our experience and expertise. They can send you sample service agreements, job descriptions for each type of caregiver and our current rates.

Agency Tips Before the Nurse Visits Your Home
  • Prepare a “Wish List.”    Write down specific chores you would like to have done, including personal care assistance.

  • Ask for a written job description before the Agency Nurse visits your home.  Compare your list to the job description.  Is the list within the range of the home care worker’s responsibility?

  • Walk through your home and consider if the duties you are requesting can be completed in the allotted time you are scheduling.

  • Call the agency for clarification when a chore is not addressed in the home care plan or the home care worker general job description.

Create a Personal Emergency Contact List
  • Names and contact numbers of people you want to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

  • Who has an extra set of house keys?

  • Is a Power of Attorney assigned in the event the client is unable to pay bills?

  • Where are the client’s Advance Directives and Health Care Proxy directions?

  • Agencies will request copies of Power of Attorney, Advance Directives and Health Proxies for the agency client record.

Be Prepared to Disclose Financial Information
  • Many agencies require an Advance Deposit which is usually applied at the end of services.

  • Long Term Care Insurance requires written authorization by the client or client representative in order for the agency to verify benefits, deductibles and maximum caps of service.

  • It is appropriate to ask for a fee schedule and sample service agreement so that you can review the information in a quiet and peaceful manner.

Nursing Assessment and Home Care Plans

When the Agency Registered Nurse visits she/he will develop a home care plan. The RN will make an objective assessment to ensure the care the client has requested is safe and appropriate.  The home care plan is an outline of duties the home care worker is to perform for the client.

The home care plan is a tool to organize and plan the duties of the home care worker.  If your request is not on the plan, call the agency for clarification.

Tools For Effective Communication Between the Client and the Home Care Agency Staff
  • Read the Client’s Rights & Responsibilities.

  • Ask about the procedures for changing or canceling scheduled service hours.

  • Ask for the names of the agency representatives who will be working with the client and their duties.

  • Learn about the home care agency terms and policies regarding:

    • Universal Precautions (why workers wear gloves)
    • Home Care Worker Supervision
    • Release of private and health information
  • Create a Team Approach

    • Home Care Agencies are good information and referral sources
    • Home Care Agencies do listen to the caregiver’s suggestions

The goal of the team approach is to assist the client to remain in the comfort of their home as independently and safely as possible.

Resolving Problems and Bringing Concerns to the Agency
  • Before you call the agency, write down your concerns so that you are able to address them in a calm manner.
  • Deal with the correct staff member; find out who has the authority to take action and assist in resolving the problem:
    1. State the FACTS objectively
    2. Explain the IMPACT the facts have on the person receiving the care
    3. Speak RESPECTFULLY to the person assisting you
    4. REQUEST the agency work with you to RESOLVE the problem
    5. What are the CONSEQUENCES if the problem can not be resolved in a satisfactory manner
    6. FOLLOW UP the complaint if necessary in writing
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