How Is Home Care Paid For?


The most inexpensive way to receive home health care services is to use your insurance benefits.  SelectCare Home Care Services works with your insurance provider, submitting documentation and bills directly to the insurance company to help you save time and money.

Payment Options for Home Care Services

Beginning Home Health Care Services can be a life changing event, and with the correct forms of insurance, clients can enjoy these benefits at little or no cost to themselves or their loved ones.  Clients also have the option to pay directly for additional services beyond the scope of their current insurance plan.

In this section, we will discuss how home care is paid for and the various ways clients can pay for the services they receive.  We also invite you to learn more about SelectCare’s billing policies and our time-saving insurance assistance program.

SelectCare Home Care Services has more than 30 years of experience working with insurance providers to help our clients receive the best possible in-home care at an affordable rate.  Our full time insurance expert serves as your personal advocate and guide throughout the insurance claims process, helping to ensure you receive all the coverage and benefits entitled to you through your insurance plan.

Our insurance assistance program enables us to bill and receive direct payment from your insurance provider once services begin.  This means you no longer need to pay for services first and await reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Payment options include:

Long Term Care Insurance

Together, you and our expert will contact your Long Term Care Insurance Company and verify your home care benefits and the procedures to access these benefits.  During this call, we will work to answer any questions you might have about your coverage and ensure that you can begin receiving services with confidence and peace of mind.

All invoices are sent directly to your insurance provider for payment.  Clients using this service receive copies of all billing documentation and will only receive an invoice in the event their home care services exceed the insurance plan’s coverage. This means that you do not have to deplete your finances and wait for reimbursement.  We carefully monitor the payments, submit requested documents and keep you updated on the available benefits or changes to your coverage..

Private Payment

If you do not have any of the above insurance plans, or request services that exceed the scope of your coverage, we accept direct private payment from a client or their designated bill payer.

SelectCare’s billing process is transparent and user-friendly as possible. The billing team is happy to work with family members, attorneys, trustees, guardians, etc. to ensure patient accounts are kept accurate and manageable.


SelectCare Home Care Services is not contracted with Medicare or Medicaid and does not accept payment from either source.  Medicare offers home health aide services on a short-term basis through certified agencies provided there is a need for intermittent skilled nursing visits.  Clients can arrange additional services from us to supplement their Medicare service hours.  We communicate with your entire health care team so that there are no duplications or overlaps of service.


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