SelectCare Celebrates 37 Years of Service

May 1, 2022, marks SelectCare’s 37th anniversary and serves as an opportunity for us to reflect on all the incredible people who we have met during this journey.SelectCare's 37th Anniversary 2022_Owners Pat and Carla

SelectCare was founded with the belief that getting to know our clients and caregivers is a key step to creating successful home health care solutions, allowing our team to pair clients with caregivers who match their personalities and priorities while delivering care tailored to the client’s needs. We developed our company motto, The right person makes all the difference, in 1985 and it remains at the forefront of our conversations whenever we speak with clients and caregivers.

Successful home health care is built on trust, and we are incredibly thankful that our clients and their families have confidence in us to promote healthy living for vulnerable New Yorkers. We are thankful for the dedicated, loyal caregivers who provide care and compassion to our clients and to the service coordinators, nursing supervisors and administrative staff that ensure the care coordination is seamless and supportive to our clients.

Finally, we acknowledge the incredible community of healthcare and elder service providers who have joined us on this journey, and who help continually improve our service by sharing experience, knowledge, resources, education, and support.

We want to use this occasion to specifically thank The East Side Council on the Aging, the West Side Interagency Council, the Stanley Isaacs Center, DOROT, the Carter Burden Network, Search and Care, Seriatim, and the members of the COVID -19 Resource Group for being incredible allies in our mission to protect and improve the lives of our clients and their families.