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A Practical Guide to Air Quality Safety

The summer season has never been particularly comfortable in New York City, however, ongoing climate change has resulted in locals managing not only muggy, humid weather, but spikes of poor air quality. This phenomenon was particularly noticeable last year in early June, when smoke from wildfires in Canada draped the… read more

How to Improve a Hospital Stay

Spending one or more nights in a hospital bed following treatment is a bucket list item most of us would rather leave unchecked, but the reality is that remaining under supervision following a surgery or other procedure can be a necessary part of the recovery process. Arriving at the hospital… read more

Street Safety for Seniors

New York City’s walkability and public transit networks are two major factors that make it an incredible location for those who wish to age-in-place. While the city’s density of hospitals, community centers, and groceries make staying engaged in the community easier than more car-dependent locales, traffic accidents still present a… read more

Are ‘Granny Cams’ Legal in New York?

Whether you are beginning in-home health care or moving into a senior residence, concerns around safety are incredibly common, especially for families who are new to these types of living arrangements. Long-term care relationships depend on trust, but some families appreciate the additional peace of mind provided by installing discrete… read more