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Managing Vacations as a Family Caregiver

Are You a Family Caregiver?  Here’s How Short Term Home Health Care Can Make Out-of-Town Trips Possible for You The holidays are a great time to visit out-of-town relatives, but for many family caregivers, the challenges of ensuring their loved one’s health and safety while on vacation can seem insurmountable…. read more

Are Granny Cams Legal in New York? An Updated Review

Granny cams have proven to be an invaluable tool for deterring and identifying cases of elder abuse in nursing homes and home care settings across the country, however there are important legal and ethical questions families must ask before introducing digital recording devices into an older loved one’s residence. SelectCare… read more

Understanding the American Heart Association’s New Blood Pressure Guidelines

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently made major news by rolling out new standards for what it considers healthy blood pressure readings in an effort to encourage medical intervention before a patient’s blood pressure becomes dangerously high. As a result of this change, many Americans (as many as 50 percent… read more

Managing Caregiver Stress Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a notoriously stressful time of year for many, especially those of us who help the ones we love as family caregivers. In observation of November as Family Caregiver Month, this blog post discusses strategies and solutions you can use to make this holiday season a happy,… read more

UTIs and the Elderly: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

As we grow older and our bodies change, previously minor medical hurdles can become harder to prevent, identify and treat.  Near the top of this list are Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), which are caused when bacteria builds up in a person’s urinary system (bladder, kidneys and urethra).  This condition can… read more

Building a Senior-Friendly Go Bag for Hurricane Season

Preparing an Emergency Go Bag for Older Adults With news of Hurricane Irma’s devastating impact on the American Southeast dominating headlines, now is a great time for New Yorkers to consider their own emergency preparations in anticipation for hurricane season. Emergency Preparedness experts agree that the best way to protect… read more