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Seasonal Allergies and Older Adults

As temperatures rise and the sun stays out a little longer every day, spring and pollen are in the air. While seasonal allergies can be a nuisance for most, their symptoms can present significant risk to older adults. Why are seasonal allergies more dangerous to older adults? Seasonal allergies put… read more

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety for Seniors

From smartphones to mobility scooters, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries can be found in many rechargeable electronics. While these batteries provide the power for many household conveniences, their ubiquity and range in production quality has led to numerous reports of dangerous, sometimes deadly residential fires in New York City. The following article… read more

5 Unexpected Heart Health Tips

February marks  – a time to raise awareness of cardiovascular health hazards and best practices. Eating healthier, quitting smoking, getting more exercise, and even laughing are all well-documented ways to improve heart health, but below are some less well-known ways you can promote long-term cardiovascular health. #1 – Dental Health… read more

Computer Tutorials for Seniors

Modern technology allows older adults to stay more connected with family and friends than ever before, but learning how to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone can be an intimidating task for those with little prior experience. Fortunately, seniors do not need to go it alone when it comes to… read more