Miriam Russell

Miriam Russell, Field Staff Caregiver, SelectCare Home Care Services NYC

Miriam Russell

Field Staff Caregiver

SelectCare Home Care Services makes me feel great whenever I come into the office or call on the phone.  When I have a concern about my client, SelectCare supervisors respond quickly and help me work through the problem. I am supported and cared about and feel that I am just as important as their clients.  I am treated with respect and kindness at the office and that makes me want to treat my co-workers, clients and supervisors in the same way.  There is no other agency where the President knows my name and always asks me how I am doing.

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For the last ten years I have found fantastic help for my parents using the full range of services that SelectCare offers. My dad was blessed by being able to pass in his own home because of the fine people and the caring he received. I got a call one day from one of the aides who was very upset that my dad had talked her into letting him use the jogger in the gym, where he got chucked out and suffered some bruises, as I told her it was my dad's request and don't worry about, very funny if you think about it that a 89 year old with dementia wanted to go for a jog, he lived for another 3 years. My mom who suffered a stroke after breaking her hip has been able to stay in her home for 5 years only because of the great folks at SelectCare, from nurses to aides to the management team, all are wonderful in what they have done and can do for your family.

– Manhattan

New York City

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