How To Find a Fitness Center That’s Right for You

Finding Age-Friendly Fitness Facilities & Services

In our last blog post, we covered different ways that older adults can safely exercise and improve their strength, endurance, balance and flexibility, with a particular focus on exercises you can perform around the house. Today’s post covers a great new resource for those of us who prefer a little bit of guidance and company when we’re out burning calories.

AARP and the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) have designed a program that helps adults 45 and older locate gyms, recreational centers, health stores and other resources that make it easier to stay in shape. This Age-Friendly Facilities and Services Locator provides a clickable map of all the resources available in your community and allows users to search for either a specific service, or perform a wider search to identify all the age-appropriate health facilities in your area.

Find a Fitness Facility

The Age-Friendly Facilities and Services Locator offers features including:

  • Only services that have signed on to a code of professional conduct for senior participants – this includes age-specific screening procedures for safe exercise, as well as staff members trained to assist older people use the facilities.
  • Icons that specify what each location offers, including whether they can accommodate people with disabilities, whether they offer services for people who need ongoing assistance, and indicates the ideal skill and fitness levels for new members.
  • The map also identifies health programs that are part of the AARP’s Silver Sneakers walking program and other community programs geared towards older adults.

Since 1985, SelectCare has prided itself on working closely with community partners to improve the health, safety and happiness of our clients. Tools like this service locator are just one of many ways our team of home health care experts can help enrich the life of you or a loved one. To learn more, call our office today.