Tips For Choosing Holiday Gifts For Seniors

With the holidays approaching, those who have senior relatives in their lives often struggle with the best gifts to buy. Many older people, who may be in the process of divesting possessions, do not need the array of scarves, jewelry and knickknacks that are frequent gifts. What are ideal holiday gifts for seniors that they actually need and want?

In selecting a gift, the first thing is to make it personal to your loved one. If your mother is a very active senior, what you select will be different than for someone who is home Holiday gifts for seniorsbound. Often the home healthcare aides who see your loved one frequently might have ideas for gifts.

8 Ideas To Start Your Shopping

Here are 8 different ideas that might be just right for the senior in your life.

  1. Day clocks. For seniors with memory issues, remembering the day of the week can be a challenge. Clocks that not only tell the time but indicate the day of the week and maybe even month can help seniors stay current. Some models with bright LED displays start around $50, and are available in large sizes.
  2. Kitchen essentials. Opening jars and cans and managing other kitchen functions can be difficult for people with arthritis or limited strength. Many companies make kitchen tools that are easy to grasp, with either large padded handles or other techniques that make it easy to open products.
  3.  Smart phone. A phone with large buttons, photo speed dial, and visual rings can keep seniors in touch with the world without being too complex. Plan on devoting some time to setting up the phone and for instructing the recipient in how to use it.
  4. Single cup coffee pot. If your senior enjoys hot beverages, the single cup beverage maker makes preparation easy and prevents waste. There are models that make a pot of coffee as well as a single serving, as well as some that feature a hot water dispenser that is ideal for tea drinker or for making a pack of instant oatmeal or soup.
  5.  Gift certificates for grocery stores and restaurants. For seniors who still do their own shopping or like to go out to dinner, gift certificates may enable them to enjoy some special treats from the grocery store or at a favorite restaurant. Promising chauffeur services or including cab fare to get them to the store or restaurant is a nice touch.
  6.  Custom gift baskets. Making a personalized basket with things a senior likes and needs can be useful as well as thoughtful. The basket might include personal items such as bath products, cologne, slippers, or gloves, or special food items that you can tailor to the person’s health conditions and preferences.
  7.  Entertainment gifts. If your senior loves to watch TV and movies, a subscription to a premium channel like HBO might be a nice gift that is outside their budget. If they enjoy reading but have vision problems, audiobook rental services such as allow them to continue their lifelong pleasure. For mobile seniors, tickets to movies and performances provide something that they will enjoy and remember.
  8. Gift cards for services. Arranging for a cleaning service to come in once a week, or even prepaying for additional hours from a home healthcare aide can come in handy. Certificates for beauty salons, manicures, and massages offer a bit of practical luxury.

Give The Gift Of Care

At SelectCare, we provide for the home health care needs for New York seniors. With the onset of the holidays we are available to provide extra services or more hours as needed. Our agency also offers respite care, which can make a nice gift for a family member who is a caregiver. For information about our services or to arrange an in-home needs assessment for a loved one, call us today at 212-505-3640 or visit our website.