5 Unexpected Ways Home Health Care Can Help

Unlike other types of elder care, home health care is unique in that the services provided are built almost exclusively around the individual social, physical and psychological needs of the patient.

Thanks to the incredibly personalized nature of home health care, SelectCare’s team has found itself improving the day-to-day lives of clients in sometimes unexpected ways. In this blog, we will look at five uses for home health care that you may find surprising!

  1. Attending family functions

A surprising number of SelectCare clients have called our office seeking assistance attending birthdays, holiday parties and other multi-generational family gatherings. Fearing that they might be a burden on their loved ones, many clients request the assistance of a home health aide to escort them to a party, help them remain comfortable during the event, and politely leave for home when they begin to feel tired.

Clients love this service because they can be present for important family events without adding additional strain on their hosts, while our caregivers get a chance to (often for the first time) meet the client’s loved ones and often learn to see the client in a whole new light!

  1. Respite Care

More New York seniors than ever count on dedicated family caregivers for assistance with medical tasks, meal preparation and other day-to-day essentials, but what happens if that family caregiver can’t be present?

Many family caregivers call on SelectCare to provide “respite care” i.e. sending a professional home caregiver to provide a client with in-home assistance while a dedicated family caregiver is either out of town, overscheduled, needs a break or falls ill themselves.

By stepping into a seniors home to provide short-term care, family caregivers can sidestep caregiver burnout and come back to their loved one refreshed and ready to help, while the client is given an opportunity to experience the benefits of a professional caregiver without feeling like they are making a long-term commitment, easing the transition to a team of professional caregivers in the event their needs exceed the abilities of their family caregiver.

  1. Post-surgery recovery

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, recovery from many medical procedures can be done at home, albeit with restrictions in what actions the recovering patient can perform until fully healed.

As a result, many individuals who would usually not need the assistance of a home caregiver turn to agencies like SelectCare for short-term in-home assistance to aid in their recovery. In addition to helping the client overcome short-term hurdles during their recovery period, this is a great opportunity for the patient to learn more about the in-home care experience and can help inform their future decisions should they need more consistent in-home care.

  1. In-hotel care

New York City is host to millions of visitors every year, including older adults and individuals with medical conditions that might make preparing for a day in the city difficult. As a result, SelectCare caregivers are often asked to meet visiting clients in their hotel accommodations to assist with activities of daily living like dressing, grooming or preparing a hearty breakfast, then meet the client at the end of the day to help them settle in for a good night’s rest.

Visiting clients often report having a much more enjoyable time in New York knowing that they can count on the support of a caregiver when they make it back to their hotel, especially if they are self-conscious about asking their loved ones for assistance with personal hygiene and other private tasks.

  1. Social Engagement

Many older adults report having smaller social circles as the years pass, and having no one to talk with or share a hearty meal can have a serious impact on the long-term psychological and cognitive health of an individual.  

Rather than calling on home health aides to assist with activities of daily living or managing a specific medical condition, some clients choose to bring an in-home caregiver into their lives in order to stay better connected to the world around them, requesting periodic social visits to chat, watch a favorite film or enjoy dinner for two.

Not only do social visits brighten a client’s day, they are also a great way to get accustomed to having a caregiver in the home, should the client’s medical needs expand beyond their capacity to manage, thus making the transition to in-home medical care practically seamless.

These are just five ways we at SelectCare have seen clients utilize our services to improve their lives beyond the scope of traditional in-home care, but there are countless other ways a trusted caregiver can improve quality of life and provide a client and their family with peace of mind.

To learn more about how SelectCare can help you or a loved one, call SelectCare and discuss your needs with our team of home health care experts, or request a free in-home care guide to learn more. We are here to support our clients and have done so for more than 30 years.