Best Senior Discounts in 2015

Senior Discounts Available to Customers Below 65 Years Old

Senior Savings

America’s senior population is growing faster than ever and big businesses are starting to take notice. More and more national chains are quietly offering “senior” discounts to customers well below 65.

The helpful folks at track these discounts every year and compile their findings into a handy list that not only notes the discount amount, but also includes the minimum age to get the discount and any other conditions that must be met to activate the deal.

Being a few decades too young for even the most generous of these discounts, I did a little research to see just how many hoops you need to jump through in order to make these savings a reality.

According to Senior List’s very vocal community, there are some simple ways to make sure you get your savings:

  • Always have an ID on hand to verify your date of birth
  • If a cashier is not aware of the discount or says it does not exist, politely ask to speak with a manager
  • Call ahead to confirm these deals are recognized at your local store – there’s nothing worse than stuffing a shopping cart at full price!
  • Some airlines, hotels and other ticket-dependent businesses do not offer senior discounts when you purchase tickets online. In order to get these deals, you normally need to call the business and specifically request the discount.

I hope these discounts add a little heft to your wallet this holiday season.  When a new list is released in 2016, we will be sure to update our community as soon as it’s available.

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