COVID Delta Surge Leads to New Push for Vaccinations

States across the nation have seen a significant surge in Covid-19 infections and deaths over the past month due to the more transmissible and Delta variant, causing a renewed push for vaccinations nationwide.

Current COVID Statistics

As of July 22nd, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported a seven-day average of 40,246 new cases per day, up more than 46 percent from the previous seven-day average of 27,244 cases per day.

This current seven-day average is five times higher than the lowest seven-day average on record, the week of June 19th 2021.  Nurse in protective mask

Understanding the Delta Variant

The 250 percent increase in new COVID cases in just over a month are attributed to the appearance of the COVID-19 Delta variant, a strain of the virus researchers have found to spread two to three times faster than previous strains and currently makes up about 80 percent of all current American Covid-19 cases.

This variant of the virus spreads faster because those infected can begin transmitting the disease as little as four days after infection, where previous variants only became transmissible after about six. Additionally, the respiratory tracts of those infected with the Delta variant have been found to carry nearly 1,000 times more copies of the virus than the original strain resulting in a higher risk of infecting others.

While the massive spike in COVID infections is troubling on its own, the higher incidence of COVID infections also increases the risk of new, even more dangerous variants of the virus to develop and spread.

Stopping the Pandemic

While the ongoing surge in COVID cases is a major concern for all Americans, with more than 611,000 deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, study after study confirms that vaccinations are the safest and most effective way to slow and eventually stop the spread of the virus.

In recent months, 99.5 percent of all COVID deaths were among unvaccinated people and 97 percent of all Americans currently hospitalized with COVID report having never received a vaccination.

COVID vaccinations are now free and accessible to anyone who wishes to receive one, but the politicization of the pandemic and widespread misinformation means that to date, the CDC reports only 56.8 percent of the US population has received one dose of the vaccine.

Local Measures in NY

States with low vaccination rates have been hardest-hit by the recent surge, with many state and local governments reactivating mask mandates and moving to once again restrict large gatherings.

Locally, New York City has stayed ahead of the national vaccination average, with 71 percent of all New Yorkers receiving at least one vaccination dose as of July 26th, however the city plans to institute further measures to increase vaccination rates and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced new vaccination requirements for public employees on July 26th. These new policies will require all public employees to receive COVID vaccinations by September 13th (August 16th for employees working in congregate settings), or undergo weekly COVID testing to limit the threat of transmission to others.

Additionally, unvaccinated public employees will be required to wear a mask at all times starting August 2nd.

How SelectCare Helps Stop the Spread

SelectCare staff has worked throughout the pandemic to source protective equipment, provide our community with trustworthy information and access to vaccines and adapt services to protect patients and caregivers.

Despite the tragic national setbacks of the past month, our team will continue to comply with all local COVID regulations and continue our mission of helping New Yorkers live happier, healthier lives in their long-time homes.

Should you have any question, please give us a call.