Cut Your Medication Costs: 7 Ways To Save

Medication costs can really take a bite out of the monthly budget, but there are ways to save money on these needed medicines. If you’re interested in cutting the amount of money you or your loved one pays for medications every month, here are seven strategies that may help you save.  Tips to Save on Medication

  1. Go Longer Between Refills. Ask your doctor to prescribe a 90-day supply of medication to save money on co-pays.
  2. Shop Around. Prices may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. The prices of over the counter medications can vary widely, especially if you can take advantage of coupons, sales and specials. Don’t be afraid to stock-up when prices are low!
  3. Consider Lifestyle Changes. Talk to your healthcare provider about lifestyle changes that could affect whether or not you need medication. It’s possible your medical ailments can be relieved with a healthy diet, exercise or losing weight.
  4. Look For Combination Products. Some medications are available as combination products. Ask if any of yours fall into this category and you’ll reduce the amount of money you’re spending on copays every time you refill.
  5. Veterans Benefits. Veterans may be able to get free or reduced cost medications from the local Veterans Administration Center.
  6. Assistance Programs. State and national assistance programs exist to help consumers pay for medications. Contact your local health department for more information about such programs.
  7. Go Direct to the Source. Drug companies themselves may be able to help you save on medication costs. Many companies offer discount programs and medication assistance programs for patients.

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