Finding Enjoyable Summer Activities for Seniors in New York City

Summertime holds the potential of offering a fun change of pace for seniors. Good weather makes mobility a bit easier, which makes getting out into the community more fun and less hassle for both the participant and the caregiver. Many interesting activities are within reach in New York City in the summer; by coordinating the daily needs of clients with the caregiver’s schedule, seniors can enjoy the best of what the city has to offer.

Plan Ahead For Summer Fun

The best way to maximize some fun is to plan ahead for it. When clients are older and have physical limitations, spontaneous fun may have to be replaced with more planned activities. In addition, people sometimes like their routine and need notice to even think about deviating from it. Having a large calendar where you can write in the activities you think the senior would enjoy is a good way to organize time and remind everyone of what’s ahead.

In planning ahead for activities, the two biggest considerations are “What would the senior enjoy?” and “Who will accompany them on the adventure?” During the summer, if you have live-in aides or home health aides scheduled for particular times, carefully schedule senior outings to correspond with the aide’s availability. For example, the regular caregiver may be planning time off in the summer to be with their own family, which might put your senior in the care of someone unfamiliar to them. This might make outings more challenging.

Once you work out the details, there are a variety of cultural events, arts and crafts opportunities, and plenty of places to go to enjoy the warm weather and people watch.

Ideas For Summer Fun

No matter whether you are looking for diversion or something in line with the senior’s lifelong interests, there are plenty of choices in New York City.

  • Museums. With many interactive exhibits, wheelchair access plus wheelchairs for rent, and many free admission periods for seniors, museums can offer a stimulating experience even for clients with early dementia. Some sites have tours geared to this condition and offer free admission to both patient and client on Tuesday morning.
  • Senior Centers. With on-site activities, group lunches, and escorted day trips, senior centers can offer opportunities to socialize and enjoy a variety of experiences inside and outside the center itself. Centers have free transportation within the city, which can make visiting a senior center convenient and a good alternative for hot days.
  • Street Fairs. Offering a great way to feel like part of the city, street fairs offer an interesting slice of life in favorite neighborhoods. By going earlier in the day, the fairs are likely to be less crowded and cooler.

Impromptu Fun Activities

Not every fun event needs to be to an attraction. Picnics offer a change of scenery and are easier to arrange on the spur of the moment. Well-planned, portable, nutritious snacks can be on the menu instead of a meal. Just remember to bring along medication that needs to be taken at mealtime.  Summer Activities in NYC

Especially on hot days, visiting corporate buildings with open public spaces is a good way to people watch and soak in the air-conditioning. Many times there is a snack cart or food court on-site that can offer diversion from normal meals.

Need more ideas of where to go? Check out the Senior Planet Events Calendar, The Official New York City Guide to Attractions (NYCGO), or The NYC Arts Cultural Guide for Seniors to get you started. You can also call 311 in New York City to find out more about local government programs, event information, free movies, concert, and museum hours.

If you’re interested in reading more about safe summer activities for homebound seniors and their home aides, check out

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