How Home Health Care Changes Living in Manhattan

Home Health Care Helps Seniors Living in Manhattan

New York City has a reputation for fast talkers and faster walkers, but locals know that in reality, more than a million seniors call the city their home.

In this week’s blog, we’re looking at how long term home health care can help seniors overcome some of the day-to-day challenges of life in Manhattan and make the most of living in the city’s most bustling borough.

Full Pantries and Happier Kitchens

Longtime New Yorkers know that a trip to the supermarket can sometimes feel like a serious expedition, with long lines, longer walks back home, bumpy shopping cart rides over uneven sidewalks and a challenging final climb to their apartment.  Because these trips can be such a challenge, some older New Yorkers cut back on their grocery purchases, leading to incomplete, less nutritious diets.

With the assistance of a home health aide, New Yorkers no longer need to go without groceries for fear that they will not be able to carry them home, and can take advantage of all the food offerings in their community.

Travel Assistance for Seniors in Manhattan

Between Manhattan’s countless museums, restaurants, theaters and other exciting attractions, older New Yorkers can experience something new every day – provided they can get out and see what the city has to offer.

Home health aides can be a critical help in getting out and seeing the sights, arranging travel plans with a cab or special transportation service, or simply as a guide and helping hand while navigating New York’s train and bus systems.  With the help of a home health aide, the big city feels just a little bit cozier!

Making Every Square Foot Count

There’s one thing shows like Friends and Seinfeld always get wrong:  Manhattan apartments are never that big!

While the lack of square footage can be a drag in our younger years, cluttered apartments can pose a serious health hazard to older New Yorkers, presenting potential fall hazards and possibly limiting movement in the apartment during an emergency.

Home health aides can help by assisting their client with day-to-day errands, keeping even the tiniest apartment tidy and giving their client the peace of mind that comes with a well-ordered home.

Staying Safe

Manhattan has changed a lot in recent decades, but a big city is a big city, and having a trusted companion nearby can go a long way in making older New Yorkers feel secure in their homes and communities.

Along with day-to-day safety concerns, New Yorkers also face occasional local or citywide emergency events, ranging from heat waves and hurricanes to power outages and other man-made events.  Home caregivers and their support staff protect clients by ensuring they are well-stocked with emergency supplies, providing early warnings (when possible) and, if need be, communicating with emergency service providers to ensure the client stays safe no matter what challenges the city faces.

SelectCare has been helping New Yorkers live happier, healthier lives in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx for more than 30 years. To learn how SelectCare can help you or a loved one, call SelectCare today or request a free in-home care guide!