How to Become a Paid Family Caregiver

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

As America’s senior population continues to grow, more adult children than ever are taking active roles in their parents’ ongoing care. 

Helping a loved one with day-to-day errands, transportation and medical tasks is extremely rewarding, but balancing caregiver and personal responsibilities can be a challenge for even the most dedicated family caregiver. In New York State, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) supports family caregivers with financial compensation through their loved ones Medicaid plan.

Since 1995, CDPAP has allowed New York families to put a more familiar face on home health care and ensure family caregivers are compensated for their efforts. 

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Eligibility for Care Recipient

To be eligible, the care recipient must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a Medicaid plan
  • Be in a stable medical condition that will require ongoing home care services (i.e. the help of a personal care aide, home health aide, or nurse)
  • Be capable of directing their own care, or have a designated representative (i.e. Power of Attorney or Advanced Directives)

Visit the following link for a complete list of eligibility and enrollment requirements  

CDPAP Enrollment

To enroll in the CDPAP program, the care recipient’s doctor must submit a Physician’s Order for Services to Medicaid. Medicaid will then send a nurse to perform an evaluation of the care recipient’s needs. This evaluation will determine how many hours of service the family caregiver will be compensated for.

Once the care recipient is approved, they will be asked to identify a Financial Intermediary (typically a Medicaid-contracted home health care agency) that will receive time sheets from the caregiver and distribute pay.

CDPAP users are strongly recommended to review a number of Financial Intermediary agencies, as their caregiver policies, support and pay structures vary.

Care Recipient Responsibilities

Once the program has been established, it is the care recipient’s responsibility to train and direct their family caregiver. As a result, prospect CDPAP users are encouraged to have open, honest conversations with their family caregiver about the tasks they will be asked to perform well before enrolling in the program.

Once enrolled, the care recipient is also responsible for finding a new caregiver if they are not satisfied with the care they are receiving, or if the caregiver becomes physically unable to continue providing support.

The CDPAP program is a great way to help support family caregivers and their loved ones alike, and while SelectCare Home Health Care Services in NYC does not participate in Medicaid, we want to ensure every member of our community has the knowledge and tools to make the right decision for their needs.

To learn more about SelectCare and how our team of dedicated home caregivers have helped New Yorkers live happier, healthier lives in their long-time homes, call SelectCare today or request a free in-home care guide.