New York Top Food Delivery Services – Part 2

Next Day Grocery Delivery Service

Earlier, we covered a pair of services that provide New Yorkers with prepared foods. Today, we are looking at grocery services, one for scheduled deliveries and another focused on same-day deliveries.

Fresh Direct: Shopping for the long haul  

freshdirect  Fresh Direct has been a New York mainstay for more than a decade, and with good reason. The company provides customers with next-day grocery delivery service throughout New York City, as well as pre-made meals that can easily be reheated and served in minutes.

While Fresh Direct offers fairly competitive prices for day-to-day needs, the Long Island City-based company really shines with bulk orders and their delivery people are typically more than happy to cart unwieldy packages up stairs and right into your apartment.

     Pro: Great selection for people with dietary restrictions, ability to deliver orders large and small.

     Con: Next-day delivery means you will need to plan your deliveries with a little advance notice.

     Pro-tip: If you live in a walk up or a building without a door man, Fresh Direct delivery people are always willing to cart your order straight to your door.

For Our Clients: Fresh Direct is a popular choice amongst our clients and their family, not only for the wide variety of dietary restrictions their inventory can accommodate, but also because their invoicing system is a great way to track household spending. While it is a great service, some care should be taken when ordering prepared meals, since many are high in sodium.

Instacart: Bringing the store to your door  


Instacart is the newest addition to the NYC delivery scene and offers same-day (sometimes same-hour deliveries from local grocery stores like Whole Foods and Food Emporium. Once registered with      Instacart, users can peruse the online inventory on their phone or computer, either placing a la carte orders, or selecting from a library of recipes.  Orders can be scheduled throughout the day, but expect slightly longer delivery times for larger, bulkier orders.

     Pro: Same-day delivery, interaction with your shopper through phone and text in the event a requested item is not in stock.

     Con: On top of a delivery fee, items are typically priced slightly higher than if bought in-store, items listed in a recipe are not guaranteed to be in stock.

     Pro-tip: Any time an item is not in stock, you will receive a call from your shopper to clear any replacement items they may find. Don’t be shy about suggesting alternative items if something is not in stock.

For Our Clients: In terms of speed, few services can beat Instacart, however, the service does at times cost more than the Fresh Direct. Rather than regularly scheduling deliveries from Instacart, many clients prefer to use this service on days when a trip to the supermarket would be unsafe or uncomfortable, like during heat waves, snow storms or other inclement weather.

SelectCare is proud of the work our Home Health Aides do to ensure our clients receive healthy, appetizing meals in the comfort of their home, and applaud our clients for mixing things up with these interesting new delivery options.

To learn more about how SelectCare’s staff can help you or a loved one remain happy, healthy and well-fed in the comfort of their home, call us today.