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Exercise and Physical Activity for Seniors

The Importance of Preserving Your Health as You Age Staying active with regular exercise is an important part of preserving your health, especially as we age. Exercises designed to improve balance, strength, endurance and flexibility can not only help older adults avoid injuries in their day-to-day activities, but also provide… read more

South Bronx Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak – Get The Facts

August 4, 2015 UPDATE New York Health Officials announced Monday evening that an additional three people failed to recover from their infections over the weekend, while 10 additional cases of Legionnaires’ Disease were confirmed, bringing the total to seven dead and 81 infected.  Officials also announced that all five contaminated… read more

Hidden Costs of Over Medicating

Geriatrician Calls for Holistic View to Patient Care  If you worry doctors might be overeager to prescribing drugs to elderly patients, you’re not alone. During a recent Senior Umbrella Network – Brooklyn meeting at the Bensonhurst Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Dr. Jennifer Breznay discussed the challenges of polypharmacy (the… read more