Quality of Life Products for Older Adults Living at Home

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can certainly buy convenience.

As we age, daily activities around the home like cleaning, meal preparation, dressing, and bathing can take more time and energy than before. Fortunately, there are a slew of tools and appliances that can make these tasks a snap.  Read on for some handy, time-saving products that can make life at home easier.Woman resting in bed

  1. Electric Kettle with Auto-Shutdown 

Stovetop kettles are one of the leading causes of kitchen fires among older adults and can present significant burn hazards due to their heavy weight.

An electric kettle can make heating water for tea or meal preparation significantly safer, especially if they have an auto-shutdown feature to prevent being left on overnight.

  1. Electric Can Opener

Hand-powered can openers are nice to have in the event of a power outage, but can be significantly harder to use for those with limited hand dexterity and can leave ragged cuts in the can that present a risk of injury.

A counter-mounted electric can opener can save time in the kitchen, reduce food waste, and prevent strain on wrists and hands.

  1. Grabber Rod

Climbing ladders and step stools to reach items in cabinets presents a serious fall hazard.  Investing in a grabber rod that uses a trigger system to get a firm grip on faraway items allows an older adult to maximize their storage space without risking a fall.

  1. Adhesive Tap Lights

Lighting is a key element to fall prevention and even the best-lit home likely has a few corners where standing lamps are impractical.

A set of stick-on, battery-powered tap lights are a great way to illuminate the darker corners of a home without adding additional cords to the floor or taking up electric plugs.

  1. Wearable Medical Alert Systems 

One of the most common fears among older adults is experiencing a medical emergency, but being unable to call for help.  There are dozens of medical alert systems available to consumers, some with automated fall detection systems, some with GPS-enabled tracking to help find an older adult if they become lost.  Regardless of the model and service you choose, adding one of these to your daily ensemble can provide peace of mind and confidence.

  1. Ring/Video Doorbell Systems

Security can be a major concern for older adults, and a video doorbell system can be a great way to help feel secure when living alone.

These systems allow an older adult to see who is at the door and speak to the visitor through an intercom system.  Even better, it eliminates the need to run to the front door when someone arrives, lowering the risk of a fall.

Video doorbell systems also provide a good deterrent against package theft and others who may be looking to take advantage of an older resident.

  1. Shower Chair

The bathroom is one of the most common locations for an older adult to experience a fall, and the wet conditions inside a shower are the epicenter of this hazard.

A shower chair allows an older adult to enjoy a refreshing rinse without relying on their balance to stay safe, creating an experience like a bath, but without the effort of raising and lowering out of the tub.

  1. Non-Suction Grab Bars

Although they take more effort to install, non-suction grab bars provide a steady base of support for older adults when they need to raise or lower from a chair, toilet, or bed.

While grab bars with suction cups can be much faster to install or remove, they are nowhere near as reliable as those anchored into a wall and can provide a false sense of security and dislodge when too much weight is applied.

SelectCare believes every older adult has the right to continue living independently in the comfort of their longtime home. Home health care agencies like SelectCare provide in-home caregivers who can assist with daily tasks like meal preparation, personal hygiene, transportation assistance, and housekeeping, allowing older adults to live life on their terms.

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