SelectCare Receives Partners In Preparedness Award From NYC OEM

Whether you entrust your own care or that of a loved one to a home healthcare agency, you want to make sure that the agency is able to continue to provide service and support you when emergencies or disasters occur. You want the home health aides, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses who come to your home to know how to handle your daily medical needs, and also know what to do in case of community wide emergencies. This is particularly important in New York wherestorms, floods, power outages, and other potential disasters can happen at any time as they have in the past.

2014 Partner in Preparedness Award  

SelectCare of New York, an agency with 30 years’ experience serving Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, recently was recognized as a 2014 Partner in Preparedness by the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

Partners in Preparedness 2014_NYC OEM

To receive this award, SelectCare completed five activities approved by the OEM –

  1. Educated all field staff in new hurricane zones and emergency preparedness updates
  2. Identified hurricane zones and travel assistance levels for clients in case area evacuation is needed
  3. SelectCare office emergency preparedness plan, response, and recovery plans were evaluated by Raffle Solutions Emergency Preparedness Services
  4. Performed drills to ensure SelectCare’s office staff were prepared to evacuate the office and;
  5. Set up a virtual office to guarantee continuity of services if the physical offices are inaccessible

What This Award Means To Our Clients

To you, as a consumer of home healthcare services, this means that in case of emergency, SelectCare knows exactly how to assist, protect, and evacuate every client under our care. Health care professionals who come to your home are happy to discuss what would happen in the case of an emergency, offer you brochures and other information, and work with you to develop a personal preparedness plan. While no one can prevent emergencies from striking New York City, being prepared is the only reasonable way to respond to them.

If you need home health care, consider SelectCare of New York. Contact us for an in-home needs assessment to get started.