Home Health Aides (HHA)


Home Health Aide Duty & Services

A Home Health Aide (HHA) has received formal training in patient home care skills and home management. They are qualified to perform duties and services that help you maintain your personal comfort and a clean, safe environment. These duties are provided with the supervision of a SelectCare Registered Nurse.

Home Health Aides are a level above Personal Care Aides because they have received more training.  SelectCare does not employ Personal Care Aides however our Home Health Aides can perform the same duties as a PCA and more. To learn more about these difference, visit our FAQ page.

Below are some of the specific job responsibilities of a Home Health Aide (hha):

A.   Assists in the personal care of the patient including:
  • Oral hygiene

  • Bathing activities including shower, partial or bed bath

  • Toileting activities including the use of the urinal, bedpan, commode, assistance with ostomy appliances.

  • Personal grooming activities including shampooing, skin care, shaving, perineal care

  • Dressing activities

B.  Perform basic patient care skills including:
  • Passive and/or active range-of-motion exercise

  • Transfers

  • Turning and positioning patients

  • Taking and recording vital signs

  • Providing ostomy care including changing of the apparatus as instructed by the Nursing Supervisor

  • Measuring patient’s weight

  • Measuring intake and output as directed by the Nursing Supervisor

  • Performing fingerstick and glucometer readings and reports to Nursing Supervisor

  • Performing nonsterile dressing changes as instructed by the Nursing Supervisor

  • Cleaning equipment used by the patient

  • Keeping daily records of patient activities and observations

  • Submiting weekly records to the Director of Nursing and appropriate personnel on patient’s condition

C.  Provide household services in order to maintain a safe, clean environment including:
  • Personal laundry of the patient

  • Making and changing the patient’s bed daily

  • Dusting and vacuuming the rooms used by the patient

  • Dishwashing the patient’s utensils

  • Tidying and wet mopping the kitchen and bathroom to ensure a clean and sanitary area

  • Disposing of the patient’s garbage at the end of each shift

  • Tidying the patient’s bedroom

  • Shopping for the patient if no other arrangement is possible

D.  Prepare and assist with the dietary requirements of the patient including:
  • Preparation of the prescribed diet for the patient

  • Assisting with patient feeding when necessary

  • Providing between meal nourishment

  • Assisting with menu planning and grocery shopping

E.  Assist the patient in maintaining their daily activities and quality of life style including:
  • Socializing with family and friends

  • Accompany the patient to medical appointments, social activities and outings as tolerated by the patient

Here’s more Information on Home Health Aide Duties & Services on the following blog posts:

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We used SelectCare for 7 years to help care for my elderly parents, and they were lifesavers! SelectCare is professional, reliable and amazing, and we could not have survived 7 tough years of eldercare without them. I felt like I had a friend and a partner with them. They sent caring, well trained aides like Agnes every weekend. They also have skilled nurses like Kelly who took an interest in my parents and examined them periodically. Kelly was always available to help with nursing questions and suggestions. At times we needed substitutes for our private weekday aides, and SelectCare always came through for us and found someone. The 2 times they didn't have one of their own aides available to substitute they referred us to friendly competitors who helped out. They never left us hanging. It's also noteworthy that they continued to serve us reliably through the Covid lockdowns. SelectCare was also easy to deal with on administrative aspects like billing. I highly recommend SelectCare for home aides and eldercare.

– Amy Stern


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