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A Live-In Aide undergoes the same home health care training as a Home Health Aide (HHA), but the duties of a Live-In Aide means a person who resides in the client’s home to provide assistance whenever they are needed.

Live-In Aides quickly acclimate to the patient’s schedule and provide consistency and reassurance throughout the day that a helping hand is always near. Because Live-In Aides work so closely with their patients, they are often the first person to notice changes in a patient’s routines, providing family members and SelectCare’s staff with valuable insight into the patient’s health.

Live-In services are especially helpful for patients who typically sleep through the night but desire an added level of safety during the evening hours, when slips, trips and wandering are a greater risk. Live In Aides are some of our most dedicated staff members and build their sleep schedule around their patient’s routine. The demanding nature of these assignments means Live In Aide services are best suited for clients whose routines typically allow for six to seven hours of uninterrupted rest.

When SelectCare Home Care Services begins a Live-In case, our Service Coordinators select Aides who match the client’s personality and temperament – we stand by our motto: “The Right Person Makes All the Difference.”  Social activity plays an important role in a patient’s quality of life, and by carefully selecting the best Live-In Aide for each patient, we ensure that we are providing not only quality home health care, but the companionship and social engagement our patients deserve.

For a full list of service Live-In and Home Health Aides can provide, see the Home Health Aide page.


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After being in and out of the hospital for almost a month for different health issues, my 89 year old Mom was diagnosed with Covid 19. Due to Mom's mild Covid symptoms, she was able to be discharged to return to her home. At this point, Mom required 24 hour care and I knew this was going to be difficult. I contacted numerous health care agencies but the kindest response I received was from Select Care. Almost immediately, Kelly said, "We want to help". I knew from that statement alone that I had found the perfect people to take care of Mom. From that day on, until Mom passed, Mom was given the most amazing care from each and every one of the nurses and aides. Every one who took care of Mom was caring, loving, compassionate and sensitive to all of Mom's needs. All of the staff kept in constant contact with me and guided me through all of the necessary arrangements that Mom needed before and after her discharge from the hospital. Even after Mom's passing, they have continued to help finalize Mom's needs. Needless to say, I feel that Select Care have been my guardian angels. They are the kindest people and I am so very lucky to have found them.

– Allison Gutner

New York City

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