Veteran’s Day Tributes

The SelectCare team is made up of home health care experts from all walks of life, giving us the benefits of a wide breadth of viewpoints and experiences to better serve our community. As we approach Veteran’s Day, we want to highlight members of our team who have served in the US military as a sign of gratitude, both for their service to the country, and the dedication to our community they have shown in their civilian lives.

Janet Stofkoper_VeteranJanet Stofkoper, RN SelectCare Director of Nursing 1999 to 2011 and returned to SelectCare to assist as a Field Nurse Supervisor from 2016 to 2019.  Janet  enlisted in the Air Force in 1971 during the Vietnam War and was honorably discharged in 1974 as Major Stofkoper. Janet Stofkoper_Veteran

After Officer Training in San Antonio, Texas, Janet was based in Shreveport, Louisiana as an Obstetrics Specialist, then on to Cam Rahn Bay and Ubon, Thailand as a Combat Nurse.  She was deployed to Altus, Oklahoma, and after taking training was transferred to Travis AFB in California as a flight nurse, traveling to the Pacific for air evacuation of American groups injured in Viet Nam.  Toward the end of this assignment, Janet participated in “Operation Babylift,” bringing orphans and those civilians who had assisted the American campaign in Vietnam to the U.S. as America left the country using the C-141 and C-5 aircrafts.

Janet StofkoperWhen I asked Janet to describe a one skill or trait she developed during her time in the Air Force that later helped her in civilian life, she highlighted the confidence and leadership she developed during her time overseas. We saw that confidence on full display in the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks in 2001. Despite the unprecedented change happening around us, Janet’s confidence kept us on task and focused on what we could control – maintaining communication with our caregivers and clients to ensure everyone remained safe during a time of intense uncertainty.

Richard Elfers, SelectCare Controller 2003 to 2021 enlisted in the Army 1959 and was honorably discharged 1961 Specialist 5th Class. After basic training, Richard was sent to Bavaria, Germany and assigned as a personal driver to a high ranking officer for a period of time. Richard Richard Elfers_Army photo was then placed in charge of a Mess Truck which provided meals for troops during military exercises.  Stationed in Germany, US troops were on high alert when then President Eisenhower visited Germany in 1959 and the building of the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961. During this tense period in history, Richard and his company would be deployed to unknown destinations, packed and ready to move in 20 minutes of notice and stationed in other parts of Germany for several weeks.  Richard Elfers_Veteran

Richard Elfers_ArmyLooking back on his service, Richard credits his time in the army for giving him a sense of discipline he carried into his civilian life. That sense of discipline made Richard a treasured source of calm guidance throughout his tenure with SelectCare, helping the company navigate the economic upheaval of the 2008 financial crisis and other periods of uncertainty, as well as ensuring our caregivers and staff could rest assured that their hard work would be compensated promptly and accurately.

We thank Janet, Richard and all of our veteran employees present and past for their dedication, both to our country, and to our SelectCare community.

SelectCare has had the privilege to work alongside and serve numerous veterans in our 36 years of operation, helping veterans and their loved ones live happier, healthier lives in their longtime homes.  To learn how we can help you and your loved ones, call SelectCare today.