What You Need to Know for Medicare Open Enrollment

Fall Open Enrollment for those eligible for Medicare, occurs each year between October 15th and December 7th and marks the annual period where they can review their current supplement plan and decide to keep it or change to another provider. For those who find that their health needs have changed, the open enrollment period is the time to consider and perhaps change to a more appropriate plan.  It is important to review your package every year and evaluate whether the coverage, convenience and cost is right for you.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Although Medicare offers basic benefits to seniors and others who qualify it seldom absorbs all the cost of healthcare.  To cover the remaining expenses, Medicare supplement plans can be used to further reduce the cost to recipients. With a variety of plans that vary by state, the process of choosing the right plan can be complex.  Plans that are offered by insurance companies, often in conjunction with organizations such as the AARP, vary in what they will cover and how much they will pay.  Even the rates vary drastically, which can be an incentive to some people to select the cheapest plan even if it is not the best match for their needs.

Get Assistance to Choose or Change Your Plan

Medicare recipients, the AARP, Medicare Rights Center, and other groups, offer counseling to seniors and others about the best plan to choose in view of their health needs and budget. These counselors, who often come out to senior centers and social service organizations, are committed to helping patients understand the differences among the plans and increase awareness of their rights to choose the best plan. To find help in choosing a plan, click on the links for the AARP or the Medicare Rights Center.

SelectCare of New York City always wants to make sure our clients are aware of their medical rights.  While we do not accept payments from Medicare or Medicaid, except on a short-term basis for intermittent skilled nursing visits, we do work with other medical insurance providers. For more information about our services or for an in-home needs assessment, contact us today at 212-505-3640.