Understanding Activities of Daily Living

You perform dozens of tasks every day to maintain long-term health and hygiene, from brushing your teeth and dressing to cooking and eating meals. But what happens when injury or illness makes these routine tasks difficult or impossible to accomplish alone? The following article discusses Activities of Daily Living (ADLs),… read more

Safely Managing Medication

As we age and our medical needs change, doctors will often prescribe medication to manage existing conditions and promote long-term health. Prescription medicine is a lifeline for seniors managing chronic conditions, but success depends on closely following the directions given by your doctor. Below are some simple tips and tricks… read more

Computer Tutorials for Seniors

Modern technology allows older adults to stay more connected with family and friends than ever before, but learning how to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone can be an intimidating task for those with little prior experience. Fortunately, seniors do not need to go it alone when it comes to… read more