Protecting Our Clients and Community During COVID-19 

We continue to serve New York families during the COVID-19 pandemic, following all safety precautions mandated at the state and city-level.  All caregivers on staff are required to be fully vaccinated and booster shots continue to be strongly encouraged. Updated COVID-19 information is distributed to all staff via monthly newsletters,… read more

Good Habits for Cognitive Health

Like the rest of our bodies, our brains change with age.  Fortunately, there is a growing understanding of not only how our brains change as we age, but good habits we can develop to preserve cognitive function in our older years. Cognitive Health and Aging Our bodies naturally become a… read more

How to Use Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is a valuable tool for preserving health and independence as we age, but using these benefits to their full effect is a little different than other forms of insurance. The following article explains how LTC insurance works, and how a policyholder can make the most… read more

Medical Alert Systems and In-Home Care

As mobile technology continues to improve and a growing number of older adults choose to age in place, medical alert systems have become an increasingly popular means of promoting independence. The following blog discusses various features offered by modern medical alert systems that any would-be user should consider before investing,… read more