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5 Unexpected Heart Health Tips

February marks  – a time to raise awareness of cardiovascular health hazards and best practices. Eating healthier, quitting smoking, getting more exercise, and even laughing are all well-documented ways to improve heart health, but below are some less well-known ways you can promote long-term cardiovascular health. #1 – Dental Health… read more

Computer Tutorials for Seniors

Modern technology allows older adults to stay more connected with family and friends than ever before, but learning how to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone can be an intimidating task for those with little prior experience. Fortunately, seniors do not need to go it alone when it comes to… read more

Managing Bills for an Older Loved One

Staying ahead of bills and other financial obligations is a lifelong chore, but as we age, this task can become a greater burden due to medical events, cognitive changes, and the increasing complexity of budgeting on a fixed income. The following blog covers straightforward steps you can take now to… read more

Holiday Gatherings and Dementia

With the holiday season underway and many families reuniting for the first time in nearly two years, this year’s holiday gatherings feel more important than ever. Family gatherings are cherished moments, but can become extremely stressful for loved ones experiencing dementia, especially if this is the first year where the… read more

Preventing Dehydration in Older Adults

Our bodies are in a constant state of change, and as we age, minor changes in our bodies’ needs can have a major impact on our lives and overall health.  One of the most important, but often-overlooked age-related changes involves an increased risk of dehydration. Read on to learn how our… read more