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Transportation Assistance Levels and Home Care

 Transportation Assistance Levels (TAL) Overview At SelectCare Home Care Services of NY, we understand that there are few things more distressing for families than wondering if their loved ones will be safe during an emergency event, be it a blackout, hurricane or other potentially hazardous situation. To that end, our… read more

Helpful Tips to Keep You On Your Feet

​New York is a walking city, just ask Dustin Hoffman. Because we put more miles on our feet than any other city, SelectCare’s staff of caregivers puts a major emphasis on the health and wellness of our clients from the ground up.  To that end, I recently attended a lecture with Neal McDonald, a pedorthist with Eneslow Shoes… read more

Remembering Hurricane Sandy | Two Years Later

I want to take a moment to remember the hard work and dedication displayed at all levels of SelectCare’s staff during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Despite the heavy damage Hurricane Sandy inflicted on New York’s mass transit and electrical infrastructure, our administrative and field staff implemented our emergency plans flawlessly,… read more