Computer Tutorials for Seniors

Modern technology allows older adults to stay more connected with family and friends than ever before, but learning how to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone can be an intimidating task for those with little prior experience.

Fortunately, seniors do not need to go it alone when it comes to developing tech literacy. Nonprofit organizations like Senior Planet have led the way in providing approachable, practical technology training specifically for older adults.Man and woman looking at computer

Many ways to learn

Senior Planet offers a variety of training and support programs for older adults developing their tech literacy skills, ranging from short instructional videos to personalized one-on-one tutoring programs, ensuring there is a solution for every type of learner.

Learning the basics

For those just getting started, Senior Planet has produced a series of helpful instructional videos on topics ranging from setting up and connecting to a wireless network, opening a gmail account, and basic computer literacy skills, as well as videos that explain how specific apps like Lyft and Spotify work.

Staying connected

One of the biggest tech breakouts of recent years is Zoom, a free video calling service that allows older adults to stay connected with family and friends without leaving their home. Zoom is also one of Senior Planet’s primary tools for reaching out to tech-curious seniors and providing one-on-one and group instruction.

Thanks to Zoom’s popularity, Senior Planet dedicates an entire webpage to setting up the program and offers multiple classes on how to use this powerful tool.

Personalized Support

In addition to instructional videos and group classes, Senior Planet offers personalized tech support in the form of an emergency hotline number, as well as one-to-one technology tutoring sessions with volunteers.

If you run into a problem online, Senior Planet’s national hotline 888 713 3495 is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm EDT – just be aware there may be a bit of a wait.

If you do not have an immediate emergency, but learn better with a personal touch, consider booking a one-to-on tutoring session. These sessions are all run on Zoom and conducted by volunteers from Verizon.

Senior Planet is just one of the hundreds of incredible resources available online and in-person here in New York City. In addition to providing compassionate in-home care, SelectCare helps clients by connecting them to valuable community resources and services to help ensure New Yorkers live happier, healthier lives in their long-time homes.

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