Dance Group Helps NYC Seniors Find Their Rhythm

Dancing Programs for Seniors in New York City

It’s perfectly natural to notice little changes in life as we grow older, but when a good song comes on, a dancer is still a dancer at any age.

Dancing is one of the best ways to stay active in our later years – swaying legs, hips and arms can be a great way to exercise your body’s range of motion, keeping up with a beat makes for valuable cardio, and the good times had listening to fun music and spending time with others can provide the social hook to keep dancers coming back for song after song. Most importantly (and as anyone at a wedding reception can tell you) there’s no “right” way to dance, meaning people with mobility or other physical differences can participate however they choose.

While there are hundreds of dance programs in New York City, few focus on engaging older dancers like Dances for a Variable Population (DVP).

Established in 2005, DVP provides free and low-cost dance programming for seniors in a variety of community settings, with instruction customized to every participant’s individual physical abilities and often culminating in a dance theater performance held at famous public venues around the city like Prospect Park, Whitehall Terminal and the New York Botanical Garden.

DVP’s free senior and adult programming focuses on traditionally underserved elderly populations and are often held in local libraries, community and senior centers throughout the five boroughs. For a current list of active classes, click here.

Others interested in joining the fun and using dance instruction as an exercise regime should look into DVP’s tuition-based classes, which offer both general and modern dance-focused programs and are reasonably priced at about $22 per session.

Staying engaged and active is a key element to healthy aging, and we at SelectCare applaud every New Yorker who chooses to pursue what makes them happy.

If you or a loved one struggle to take advantage of all the great activities available to older New Yorkers, or just feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do more in life, now might be the time to call SelectCare. Our team of compassionate home caregivers have been helping New Yorkers overcome challenges great and small for more than 30 years, request a free in-home care guide to learn more!