Four Things You Need To Know About Taking Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplement TipsMany of us take supplements to help us feel better or to give our bodies an extra boost to fend off illnesses. It’s important to use these supplements properly to avoid getting the exact opposite of the intended results, as improper supplement use can make us sick or even negate the effects of other medicines.

Here are four ways to ensure you get the best results from your supplements:

  1. Don’t Skip Your Prescribed Medicines. Just because you are taking a supplement does not mean it is a good idea to stop taking your prescribed medicines. If you are taking the supplement in hopes of getting off of the prescribed medicines, talk to your doctor so you can monitor your progress together.
  2. Don’t Keep it a Secret. Make sure your healthcare team knows the amount, types, and frequency of the supplements you are taking. This information can be valuable in monitoring your health as supplements can interact with one another or with other medicines you are taking. Your healthcare provider can advise you if the supplements are safe to continue taking or may recommend more suitable alternatives that work with what you already take.
  3. Understand Your Supplements. Make sure you understand what the supplement is and what it is supposed to do for you. If you are taking the supplement to help relieve joint pain, monitor your joint pain during use to make sure that the supplement is effective for you. There is no need to take a supplement that does not work.
  4. Do Your Research. Supplements are not closely regulated as prescription medications are. Always research your supplement at a trusted source before taking it. You can always speak to your pharmacist as you research supplements as well as your healthcare team. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a list of website or organizations that are trustworthy such as

Involve Your Caregiver In Your Plans To Use Dietary Supplements

If your loved one receives home healthcare support, remind them to let their health aide know of any natural, herbal, or other over the counter supplements they’re taking. While the right combination of health supplements can greatly improve their wellbeing, it’s important to take the proper precautions. Contact SelectCare Home Care Services in NYC at 212-505-3640 to find out more about how a home healthcare aide can help caring for your loved one easier.