Honoring Your Dad With Gifts He’ll Love this Father’s Day

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was a holiday in many countries around the world long before it was proclaimed a national holiday in the US. As a matter of fact, although legislative efforts started to establish the day in 1913, it was not until President Richard Nixon signed a bill in 1972 to make it an official holiday. Many countries also celebrate International Men’s Day on November 19 for all men, including those who were not yet fathers.

Move Away From The Traditional

When the third Sunday of June rolls around each year, many children scurry to buy ties, wallets, BBQ accessories, and other traditional “men’s gifts.” They take dad out to dinner or maybe to a ballgame. As fathers age, many of these traditional gifts lose their appeal or usefulness. What do you get for a father who is elderly, disabled, or ailing?

  • You can’t group all aging dads in the same category; those who are able-bodied and mobile might still enjoy a nice dinner out or an afternoon at a sports event. Just make sure that the restaurant can accommodate any special dietary needs and that parking and accessibility options are available for the game. If your dad is on a fixed income and not able to splurge on himself often, either of these gifts will amount to a special event with a loved one.  All stadiums are happy to accommodate guests with special needs and mobility issues.  Call ahead to locate the correct gate and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.
  • Depending on his life circumstances, your dad may want time with his kids or even enjoy time with his contemporaries who he no longer sees as often. If going out is difficult, you can arrange a get-together that brings the family together and even includes old friends.
  • Many older people enjoy reminiscing about the past. Your Father’s Day plans can include some organized reminiscing. You can take shreds of stories you’ve heard all your life and ask your dad for more details. You can even video the stories. If you’ve heard the stories many times, there will come a day when you will want to hear them again, so a video or audio of his rendition of the past can be a valuable keepsake for you.
  • While most fathers appreciate the special love and attention offered one day, many need more ongoing support. For this reason, IOUs for days of service can be nice gifts tailored to what an adult child or younger grandchild can offer. This might be redeemed for cleaning out the basement, doing yard work or gardening, or fixing a few things around the house.
  • If your dad is interested in modern technology, Father’s Day can offer a good opportunity to help him find a new cell phone, computer, tablet, iPod or other device. Create some playlists of his favorite music on his iPod and download some apps he would like on his new tablet. When you follow up the gift with some training time, you have offered something to improve his life as well as celebrate the day.  New Yorkers have a unique Older Adult Technology Center to assist in training and setting up devices.     Helping Dad on the Computer

Need Home Health Care Services In New York City – A Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift

The key to a good Father’s Day gift is defining something that reflects the needs and interests of your dad. If he is at the point where he could use some ongoing or occasional help managing his health or the tasks of daily living, this Father’s Day might be a good time to introduce him to what SelectCare of New York City could do for him. Whether he needs a companion, a live-in aide, or home health aides or a nurse to provide specific services, we can help. We could be the solution that benefits both of you in helping him get to appointments when you’re not available or providing other short-term help. Just give us a call at 212-505-3640 or fill out our website contact form to start the discussion of how we can help your dad feel loved and cared for every day.