Older Drivers & Driving Safely

In recent years, the SelectCare team has been pleased to see New York City receive growing praise for becoming a great place to grow older, thanks to the city’s increasingly age friendly public initiatives, a wealth of hospitals and a public transit system that makes accessing resources easy for people of all ages.

While New York’s transit system is a valuable asset to many residents, older people who do not live close to mass transit, especially in the outer boroughs, continue to rely on personal cars to run their daily errands.

According to a 2013 CDC report, older drivers are typically safer drivers, choosing not to drive in inclement weather or after drinking, and are 14% more likely to be wearing their seatbelts during a fatal crash, compared to younger drivers.

Despite these factors, the likelihood of being involved in a fatal or serious accident increases around age 75 – a phenomenon the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety contributes to our body’s increased frailty as we age.

In light of this increased risk and knowing that the elderly driving population will only increase (the Federal Highway Commission estimated that there were 33 million drivers 65 and over in 2009, up 23% from 1999), organizations like AARP offer refresher programs to reeducate drivers who might not have sat in a classroom since they first received their license.  Safe Driving for The Elderly

These classes also teach drivers how to better evaluate their own ability to drive safely, and include a lesson focused on helping drivers make an informed choice when they decide whether or not to stay on the road.

Classes cover the basics of defensive driving, eliminating possible driver distractions, and explain safety features incorporated into new cars that older drivers might not have used before.

Not only do the classes provide useful information for drivers of any age, they also qualify participants for a 10% discount on their auto insurance for three years.

Classes are available online for $25.95 and $29.95 (for non-members), as well as traditional classes, priced at $20 for members and $25 for non-members.

SelectCare’s staff is dedicated to protecting the safety and independence of its clients. If you or a loved one would like to learn how our compassionate caregivers can make a difference in your life, or if you might need a little help running your errands without getting behind the wheel, call us today.