How To Prepare For Home Care For Returning Snowbirds

Every spring, the swallows return to Capistrano, and the snowbirds return to New York City. Many people, especially retirees, who have enjoyed the warmth of Florida during the winter, return home in April and stay until October or November. If you find yourself arranging extra help from home health care services for a parent or other relative once they are back home, you are concerned that as your loved one transitions between cities, so does the service they need.

Transitioning Home Health Care Services Between States

Since home health aides frequently require licensure by the state in which they work, most people do not have live-in aides who can work in both states. This means that once back in New York, a person who requires regular or temporary care must obtain someone with proper credentials from the State of New York who is available immediately upon their return from the Sunshine State.

The best way to assure ongoing care is to contact a reputable agency such as SelectCare New York, who has provided quality home health aides for nearly 30 years. By contacting the agency before your parent returns to the city, you can ensure that a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, health aide, or live-in aide is on hand to provide uninterrupted care.

How To Prepare For Home Care For Returning Snowbirds

Whether you have a parent with a chronic health problem or one who needs temporary services due to an injury, knowing how to prepare for home care starts with conveying the right information to agencies that might be able to provide the services. They will need to know:

  • When is your parent returning to New York? When do they need service to begin?
  • What is the level of care your parent needs? Do they need a few hours of help per day or 24 hour coverage? Do they need the expertise of an RN or LPN for wound care or medication pre-pour or Home Health Aide assistance with personal care, household services, companionship, or basic patient care?
  • What services did they previously receive?
  • Does your parent have a pet that you expect the aide to feed or walk?
  • Do they have any other special requirements?
  • How long do you anticipate needing care? If your mother broke her hip in a ballroom dancing class in Florida, she may just need help for a month or two, while a parent with a disability will need ongoing care.
  • Does your parent have a doctor in New York that will sign off on the plan of care, both to ensure continuity and to provide documentation to the insurance company who covers long-term care? Contact the doctor to ensure your parent is still on their active list and set up an appointment for the patient upon their return.
  • What form of payment does the agency require? Most agencies require payment rendered at the time of services. Though service is often not covered by Medicare, some agencies will work with your private insurance for direct payment.

A good agency will help you coordinate care between physicians, other service providers, insurance companies, and yourself. They will call the previous caregiver to verify the services. Once you have obtained a clear understanding of what the agency can do, you can agree on a start date for your home health aide and feel assurance that your parent or loved one will receive the help they need to live comfortably back in New York.

SelectCare NY Prove Quality Care To NYC Residents

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