Senior Homeowners Can Save On Property Taxes Through STAR Exemptions

New York State School Tax Relief Program – STAR

Tax season can be a strenuous time of year at any age, but older New York homeowners seeking relief just need to wish upon a STAR (exemption) for an easy rebate on their property tax.

The  New York State School Tax Relief Program (STAR for short) is a program run by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance since 1997.  The program requires homeowners 65 and older to fill out and file a short registration form with the state in exchange for a rebate on their property taxes.  More specifically, STAR recipients will pay their property taxes as normal, however they will receive a rebate check from the state, which reimburses the homeowner for a state-wide school tax already built into New York State property tax.

While there is some fine print regarding eligibility, applying for this credit is incredibly easy.

Photo courtesy of MConners via

Photo courtesy of MConners via

STAR Exemption Checklist

To receive a STAR Exemption, homeowners must meet the following criteria:

  • The homeowner must live in the property meant to receive the exemption and must be 65 or older. If the property is jointly-owned, at least one owner must be this age.
  • The residents of the home must make a total of less than $86,000 to receive benefits in 2017, this includes any forms of income listed on your federal tax return

How To Apply

To register for STAR benefits, simply visit the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website, click “Register” and follow the instructions on the website. Applications for this year’s benefits must be filed by MARCH 15.

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