A Special Veteran’s Day Story

Fabio Peter DeFranco is one of many American service men who we honor on Veteran’s Day.  He served in the US Navy as a Machinist 2C from 1942-1946 and is currently an active member of American Legion Post 257 in Laguna Woods, CA.

The medals on his hat designate where he served in the North Africa Campaign, Tunisia and Palermo, Italy.  Fabio Peter DeFranco

The trade School NAY (National Youth Administration) he attended when he was 18 years old gave him the background as a machinist in the Navy.  Additionally, at age 23, because he was fluent in Italian, he was in charge of crew of five Sicilians working on damaged ships coming in for repair. “We worked in a floating dry dock repairing rudders and propellers.”

His trade school education and his navy career provided Pete with an exceptional experience to begin his career as a Tool and Die Maker. Pete received his college degree and taught High School Machine Shop Huntington Park, California High.  After getting his Masters in School Administration, Pete was in charge of all Industrial Education Classes (junior and senior high schools) in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

To this day, Pete is still remembered by students who were in his class when he first began teaching.

“My experiences as a young man in the Navy in Palermo, was instrumental in determining my life career. As I look back, my success as a teacher guiding young men in Shop classes and working as an administrator to provide the best for all students– I give thanks to my years in the service. “  Fabio Peter DeFranco_Veteran