Technology For Seniors Designed To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Technologies for people over 50 was a hot category at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is not surprising since many tech-savvy baby boomers are now at or past retirement age.

Three High Tech Ideas Seniors Might Want

Here are few great ideas beyond cell phone and tablets, which are also in demand among older users.

  • Wearable electronics are the newest way to make the features of a smart phone even smaller. Some of the newest devices help monitor wellness such as blood pressure, heart rate, daily activity, sleep cycles, and more. Some of these devices can also provide email and text notification.
  • Smart pill cases are programmed to alert you when it is time to take medication. Most models have 28 compartments to cover seven days and are tamper proof. When it is time to take a pill, an LED on the device will light up and the patient will receive a call or text message as a reminder. A caretaker or doctor can monitor medication usage through a smart phone app.
  • Home management systems allow you to control the locks, thermostat, lights, water valves, garage door operation, and more. The device can be useful not only to seniors but to caretakers who are worried that a loved one has left home without locking the door or turning off the stove.

 Technology For Seniors Supplements Healthcare Services

For many, the answer to ensuring safety lies in having a good support system. Home healthcare services can play a role in assuring the well-being of your loved one which can supplement or even replace electronic devices. If you are in the greater New York City area, consider using the services of SelectCare, which provides home healthcare staff for all levels of care.

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