Updating Your Emergency Plan Keeps You Safe

When natural disasters and other events bring trouble to the New York City area, SelectCare of New York has an emergency plan in place to protect you and loved ones under our care.

SelectCare staff has identified each client’s flood zone, transportation assistance level (TAL), and service priority level. These three items assist us in determining how our caregivers will be deployed and our clients are managed during an emergency or evacuation. Even if you are disabled and unable to leave your home without assistance, we have a plan in place to make sure that you are safe.Time to Plan

Updating Our Staff And You

Here is how we keep staff knowledgeable and update clients and their families of the current status of emergencies:

  • Each year, SelectCare provides updated emergency preparedness education to staff members and our nurses, and supervisors practice our service drills to make sure they are ready if disaster strikes.
  • We pass along informative email notices such as the Advance Warning System (AWS) notice generated by the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to our clients, family members, caregivers, and resources in order to prepare for events.
  • In addition to emails, Service Coordinators contact each client personally to ensure they have supplies on hand and assist where necessary in getting supplies.
  • Nursing Supervisors maintain communication with clients, caregivers, and family members throughout the event and during the recovery to assure continuity of care.

Compassionate Home Care Even In Emergencies

SelectCare keeps client and caregiver safety in the forefront of our emergency planning, response, and recovery procedures. Please do not hesitate to call us whenever you have a question regarding your emergency plan.

Our compassionate staff includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, live in aides, and home health aides who can offer you the level of care you need and deliver it with love and concern for your welfare. For more information or to inquire about your emergency plan, call us today at 212-505-3640 or check out our website.