Benita Brush

Bennita Brush, Admin Assistant

Benita Brush

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant, I keep records updated and connect people to the information they need to do their jobs well.

When I’m not working with the office team, I’m out working with clients as a Home Health Aide. I really like the balance because my firsthand caregiving experience allows me to relay my experiences to coworkers in the office, and my experience in the office gives me the tools to help my fellow caregivers in the field. It’s my goal to become a nurse, and I believe my experiences with SelectCare will give me new tools every day as I work towards my goal.

Growing up, I always felt a need to better bridge the gap between seniors and younger generations – that’s what drew me to working in home care. As you get older, it means a lot to have someone looking out for you, someone who can be a companion and lend a listening ear. 

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SelectCare has been helping to take care of my husband for an entire year, sometimes for 24 hours a day. He has been in constant danger of falling and has needed kind and careful help. This has been consistently provided by SelectCare. Not once did the agency fail to cover all these hours, even when someone occasionally had to cancel at the last minute. Always was a SelectCare aide there, ready to help at the appointed time. It was always easy to communicate with the office. The nursing help and advice was very useful and the nurse assigned to our case was the same one throughout the year. She visited every so often and was very knowledgeable and kind. I keep using the word "kind" because I think in this situation one needs not only competence but also kindness. This is consistently provided by SelectCare, both by management and by on-the-job aides. I recommend this agency very highly.

– Dorothy James

Bronx, New York

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