Pat B. Tarantino

Pat B. Tarantino, Community Liaison, SelectCare Home Care Services NYC

Pat B. Tarantino

Community Liaison

While most of SelectCare’s staff is dedicated to providing timely, personalized service to our clients, it is my job as Community Liaison to find new opportunities for our staff to do what it does best. I work directly with representatives of local health and elder care organizations and their members to learn how we can best serve their communities through the hard work of our administrators and caregivers.

I enjoy this position because it calls for my coworkers and I to constantly evaluate our capabilities and maintain the spirit of innovation and problem solving that have made SelectCare Home Care Services what it is today.

Back to Our Staff
Dear Carla, The new aide Jackie is terrific. Thank my new coordinator Sandy for sending her to me. I am very pleased with Sandy also. Your agency has provided me with a number of very thoughtful and responsible people who are competent and caring.

– Molly Allen


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