Shydia Ivy

Shydia Ivy

Compliance Coordinator

As SelectCare Home Care Service’s Compliance Coordinator, it’s my job to ensure all of our caregivers are in full compliance with state and federal regulations, but my responsibilities go well beyond checking paperwork.

I’m oftentimes the first person a new applicant meets when they come in for their interviews and in the world of home care, interviews are as much about new hires feeling comfortable with an agency as it is about an agency choosing to trust a new hire.  That’s why I work so hard to make everyone, client and caregiver alike, feel comfortable and welcomed when they come through the door or give us a call.

I have more than six years of both personal and professional experience providing direct care to people with developmental disabilities and as a caregiver for a close family member struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.

I pull from these experiences every day, looking at challenges from both a caregiver and family member’s perspective and I believe my experience walking down these paths is what allows me to guide others so effectively.

Home care can be satisfying, challenging and sometimes very personal work, but knowing that I can apply my own experiences to improve the lives of clients and caregivers alike makes me excited to be part of the SelectCare Team.

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My 89-year old mom landed in the hospital with an ankle fracture. She ended up in rehab after that, but had to return to the hospital due to complications. Upon return, she was diagnosed with Covid-19. As she was not presenting with any symptoms, the hospital deemed her well enough to return home, especially since they needed the bed for other Covid patients. As we needed 24-hour care, we reached out to many home health care providers, most who did not respond. SelectCare literally came to our aid, providing exactly the care and support we needed. I can't say enough about this group of aides and nurses. They are personal, caring, wonderful human beings. They were in constant communication with us about everything that was needed for my mom. They were proactive ensuring she was well taken care of. This was hugely important for us given we live in Massachusetts and with the Covid condition, could not be with my mom. Even in her passing, they stayed connected with us, helping to take care of final needs. If you are looking for elder care, look no further. These people are amazing!

– Donna Shaw


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